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Dylan Dreyer's birth chart, interpreted by astrologer Chani Nicholas

"This is not a shy chart."

Astrologer Chani Nicholas, author of the bestselling book "You Were Born for This," recently stopped by the 3rd Hour of TODAY with a mission: To interpret the birth chart of TODAY's anchors.

According to Nicholas, TODAY anchor Dylan Dreyer has anything but a shy birth chart.

Within astrology, a birth chart is an imprint of where the stars and planets were at the exact moment of your birth (check out Queen Elizabeth II's, Prince Harry and Princess Diana's for insight into how astrology may have shaped their lives).

“It’s a snapshot of the sky the moment you’re born,” Nicholas said.

On the show, Nicholas zeroed in on a few of the parts of Dylan's birth chart that she said lend to her sparkly personality.

Dylan was born on August 2, 1981 under the fire sign of Leo, which falls in her 10th House, devoted to public image. According to Nicholas, Dylan is "here to shine on a world stage."

Below, find a few of Nicholas' learnings.

Dylan Dreyer's birth chart, provided by Chani Nicholas.
Dylan Dreyer's birth chart, provided by Chani Nicholas.

Dylan has 'big warrior energy,' thanks to her Leo Sun

Nicholas said Dylan's Sun in Leo in the 10th House means she's "here to shine on the world stage."

"She has a lot to say and says it in a very captivating or entertaining way. She has a big appetite for being known, performing and being a light that others are drawn to," Nicholas continued.

This lends to her have a "very strong, brave, bold presence in the world," and having "big warrior energy," but also "big class clown energy."

Her Scorpio rising means she can be a wild card

Nicholas noted Dylan's Scorpio rising conjunct Uranus. Within astrology, a rising sign (or ascendant) is what you exude and put out to the world on first meeting. In Dylan's chart, it's next to Uranus, the planet that rules innovation.

This means Dylan is motivated to be any of the following: "Groundbreaking, loud, unconventional, extreme, innovative, erratic, wild-card and powerful," per Nicholas.

Her Mars in Cancer makes her family oriented but a seeker, too

Next, Nicholas looked at the placement of Dylan's Mars, which rules energy and aggression. Mars is located in the Ninth House of travel and publishing in the sign of Cancer.

"She needs to go far from her roots but is very family-oriented," Nicholas said, describing her as an "adventure and seeker."

"She wants to find meaning and connect with the world through media, publishing, travel, politics, education, or spirituality," she continued.

Dylan is lucky, but selective, with friends, according to her Moon in Virgo

Dylan's Moon sign — or her inner nature — is in the earth sign of Virgo, in the 11th House, devoted to friendship and community.

According to Nicholas, this makes Dylan lucky with friends. "She meets them easily, even if she's selective," she said.

"There is a big focus on friends and community, being quite popular with folks, even if it’s sometimes hard to be totally open. There’s a mix of being an exhibitionist and being secretive," she said.

In the future, Nicholas said there will be a 'major moment of celebration'

Nicholas said the next few years will hold a "major moment of celebration and accomplishment" for Dreyer.

"Over the past 15 years there’s been momentum, all leading up to this moment," she said. It will happen in the Fifth House of creativity, which means it may be linked to children or creative pursuits.