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Craig Melvin’s birth chart, interpreted by astrologer Chani Nicholas

"Hello, I am the party."

Can the stars at the time of your birth impact the course of your life? On Halloween, Chani Nicholas stopped by the 3rd Hour of TODAY to see how anchors' personalities may be affected by their Sun sign, Moon sign, Venus sign and more.

Within astrology, the birth chart is a map of the planets’ placements at your birth time and location. Each planet rules a specific realm, and they’re all placed in different signs and in different houses in our charts.

“It’s a snapshot of the sky the moment you’re born,” Nicholas said.

Of all the three anchors whose birth charts Nicholas interpreted, Craig is the only non fire sign (Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer are Leos; Sheinelle Jones is an Aries). Craig was born under the Earth sign of Taurus.

However, there are aspects of his chart that give him a positive, fiery exterior — which Nicholas gets into.

Below, read on to hear what Nicholas had to say about Craig's chart.

Craig Melvin's birth chart, provided by Chani Nicholas
Craig Melvin's birth chart, provided by Chani Nicholas

Craig exudes an energy that says, 'Hello, I am the party'

Craig may not be a fire sign — but he seems like one, thanks to his Leo rising. It's conjunct (or next to) Jupiter, the planet of expansion.

Nicholas translated the vibe as follows: “Hello, I am the party. I am your favorite. You are welcome. You will love me. I know everything, let me tell you a story, a fact, or about an article I just read.”

She continued, "This is about being the person that brings abundance, the solution, the confidence and the energy to make one’s own luck." 

His Sun in Taurus helps him 'shine by being on the world stage'

Craig's Sun sign is in Taurus in the 10th House of public image and career (that's where Dylan's sun is, too). His Sun is conjunct, or next to, his Lot of Fortune, a theoretical point in a chart derived by the relationship between the Sun and Moon which indicates the place where one finds joy.

"This is an incredibly lucky signature that means you shine by being on the world stage, in the spotlight and by being someone who is relaxed, at ease and a solid person," she said of people with this placement.

"There may also be a lot of luck that comes to you through the women that promote you, that you work with or that you feel are your siblings," she said.

"Charm and beauty are also big aids in your ability to fulfill your career and life’s purpose."

His Moon in Pisces makes him compassionate

Craig's Moon sign — which governs one's inner landscape — falls in the dream-prone sign of Pisces. People with this placement are "very compassionate and sensitive despite all the sturdy strength that you project."