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Full moon rituals: 13 activities to do when the moon is at its brightest

Think: Rest and relaxation.
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You can see the full moon when it rises each month. But is there a way to harness its energy? Astrologers think so.

Each of the moon's eight phases offer a different energy, according to an astrological practice called moon mapping. Some people plan their actions in tandem with the full moon, new moon and all the phases in between as a way to foster more effective manifestations.

Bri Luna, owner of The Hoodwitch and author of "Blood Sex Magic," said keeping the moon's cycles in mind can be motivation to "release old habits" and "draw in energy to expand on our desired goals."

What is the astrological meaning of the new moon?

Whereas new moons are a time to set intentions, full moons are a window for release, clarity and illumination.

Full moons occur when Earth is positioned between the moon and sun, and the entire face of the moon is illuminated. Now we can see things more clearly. What should be kept? What can be released? What can be newly intuited?

Your mind will be whirring with reflections. But what are you actually supposed to do during a full moon to bring revelations to light? Try these rituals out.

Here are astrologer-approved full moon rituals

Take a moon bath

Tell everyone you're busy for a while. Time to indulge in a bath! Full moons are a moment to do something called a "moon bath" which is exactly what it sounds like: A dip during the moon. Add some Epsom salt for extra revitalization.


Studies have shown journaling can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depressionimprove memory and even boost immunity. Use the full moon as a window to reflect on what's happening in your heart and mind.

Charge crystals

If you have a crystal collection, it's a common practice to set them on the windowsill or outside overnight during the full moon period. You can do the same with tarot cards or oracle decks.

Reach out to your family 

The moon represents the home and family within astrology, so it makes sense to crave some kind of homecoming at this time. Make plans to see or call your family, or people who feel like family, during this three-day period. 

Honor your ancestors 

Give thanks to your ancestors by lighting a white candle and remembering their legacy. Speak to them out loud, if you want. Ask for help or simply say hello.


Full moons are a moment for rest. So, do nothing. Well, a specific form of nothing. Meditation has known benefits: Studies show it reduces stress, for a start. If you're struggling with the idea of silent meditation, try a guided one on the night of the full moon.

Make a moon circle 

Connect with like-minded friends under the full moon with a single intention: Letting it all out in a safe space. Vocalize what it is you want to release and what you want to bring in. Tears and honesty are welcome.

Treat yourself 

You don’t have to wait for a full moon to do something nice for yourself, but it's extra welcome during the full moon. If you've been saving up for a special treat, you can indulge now.

Connect with nature

Bring a bit of nature into your home by purchasing a new plant or take a walk through a park or forest. Reach the stillness that's only possible when you're living unplugged and alongisde the natural world.

Fit in some rest and relaxation

If you're sleeping late, blame the full moon. Press the snooze bar and sleep in if your body is asking you to. Fit in some extra pampering depending on what your schedule and wallet allow.

Release the past 

Full moons are about letting go. Try writing a letter — one that you'll never send — to a person, or to yourself, as a way to make peace and let go of negativity or regret.

Cleanse your space 

Inject a feeling — and scent — of newness into your home by placing sprigs of herbs like lavender or rosemary in spots you pass often. Or, you can make the feeling of freshness more literal by actually cleaning your home, and purging your draws and closets of things you have but don't need or wants.

Eat a nourishing meal 

Full moons call us to take care of ourselves — and a good meal is a start. Pick out your comfort food of choice and thank you for taking care of you.