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This August will shake things up in your life, according to astrology

See what the stars have in store for your zodiac sign this month.

We’re midway through summer, and for many, the heatwave outside is driving up temperance and lowering patience. Luckily, August is a great time to cool off — cosmically speaking. And, the much needed chill celestial energy couldn’t come soon enough. 

Before heading into individual horoscopes for each sun sign, let’s check out the astrological happenings for the month of August.

August 1 brings a triple planetary connection between Mars, Uranus, and the North Node of Destiny in Taurus. Change and transformation on a collective level is happening. Watch your finances on August 1, as new and inventive ways of investing money are coming. 

The planet of communication, Mercury, enters Virgo on August 4, making facts apparent. The planet of love and money, Venus, moves into Leo on August 11, right before the Aquarius full moon. This is a time of commitment, reflection, and connection.

Action planet Mars walks into Gemini on August 20, adding power to our words. Mars will be in Gemini until March 25, 2023, so we’ll have a lot of time to soften our word play and communication. 

The sun enters Virgo go on August 22, giving us the powers of clear and concise communication.

Rebellious planet Uranus begins its five month retrograde in Taurus on August 24, slowing down progress that’s been underway. Mercury enters Libra on August 25, bringing peace, serenity, and harmony in communication. The month rounds off with the new moon in Virgo occurring on August 27, motivating us to speak our truth as a guiding light.

Read on for individual horoscopes.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Watch your spending habits this month. What is that you need? Don’t count on money that’s supposed to come in the future when you’re browsing the shoe section. Once you figure out your finances, you’ll be able to spend freely. In the meantime, sales are your friend. Try not to lose heart if you have to tap into your savings account. There’s a reason why you’ve been saving for a rainy day. That time may be now.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

Taurus, you’re used to doing things the way you like to do them. This month, commit to the untraditional — either societally, or your individual beliefs. Embrace mindfulness. This August, you’ll be prompted to find your own solutions to problems and quandaries by thinking outside of the mandated box. By the end of this journey, others may be coming to you for your wisdom. 


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They say home is where the heart is. That sentiment will feel especially true for you during the majority of the days in August. Mercury’s dance in the sector of your chart that rules the home makes this the perfect month for you to focus on your personal property, family, domain, and self. Instead of forcing yourself out of the house, spend time engaging with self-care from the comfort of your living room. Use these weeks away from the spotlight to do some end of summer cleaning and reinvest your time into making your home the sanctuary you deserve.


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

Your friendships may feel claustrophobic during the first half of the month. You could begin to sense as though you’ve outgrown someone you were or are currently involved with, and might be on the hunt for a way out. Luckily, this energy will lighten significantly mid month. Remember, setting boundaries and not letting negativity in your orb is key. Remind yourself that you should be surrounded by positive and uplifting forces. Once the celestial energy shifts, you’ll either feel more at peace with your friends and self than you have in a very long time.


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Recently your day-to-day routine has left you feeling less regal than ever. This month gives you a change to swap drabness for newness, whether it be globetrotting or experiencing some novelty. You may shake things up through a road trip with friends … or simply a new after work routine. Try to implement a little change one day at a time, in order to ensure that you’re able to navigate growth without any hesitation.


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Surface level and small talk won’t cut it for you this month, Virgo. You’ll be in the mood to share yourself fully with that special someone, with a desire for deep conversations and intimacy. However, you may find that not everyone is emotionally prepared to bare their soul, which could in turn cause you to close off. Look for ways to engage in sentimental conversations with your heart’s desire, then ease your way into the more intense stuff. Remember that everyone’s comfort level is different, and try not to take it personally if someone you’re involved with needs their space.


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This month promises to be an inspired and creative time for you. August gives you the opportunity to move past any creative blocks or restrictions that you’ve been experiencing, while opening the door for visionary and inspired ideas. You’ll welcome a second wind at the end of the month, as your self expands and evolves. The amazing shift that you’re undergoing will help you feel energized and driven, but it’ll still be important that you take steps to rest and manage your stress levels to ensure that you don’t push yourself to the limit.


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People could test your boundaries during the first month of this month, which we all know is not your favorite thing, Scorpio. Lines could get blurry for you when people begin to pry into your personal life conversationally and ask questions behind your back to your friends. Remember that it’s OK to tell others when you’d rather not discuss something. Just be polite in your delivery. You’re not wrong to implement limits. You know what is best for you.


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Everyone adores you for being the freedom-loving, adventurous archer you are, which is why this month could get a little intense for you. While your heart wants to move without restriction, the stars are pushing you to prioritize your responsibilities. As generous as you are, this may not be the time to overspend on others (or even yourself) — no matter how much you want to give. Tighten up your finances and make plans to pay off any debt from the past that’s been hanging over your head. Putting your obligations and responsibilities first may not be fun, but it is sometimes necessary.


Katty Huertas / TODAY
Katty Huertas / TODAY

The need for work-life balance may feel especially urgent. If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends this summer, you may begin to feel the effects of it catching up with you. Try to map out your obligations in a way that allows you to have a full career and home life, otherwise you could miss out on some memories.


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Major gossip may be brewing around you or behind your back. Instead of running for the hills or engaging with the chatter, laugh it off. Take some comfort in knowing those who try to cut you down are simply jealous of your fabulousness. The haters need to learn to appreciate your awesomeness. Confronting the source calmly will shut down the rumor mill and discourage others from perpetuating the drama. Most importantly, don’t let this affect your self-worth. You are one strong water-bearer. It will take a lot more than false words to bring you down.


Katty Huertas / TODAY

August could have an interesting effect on your friendships, sweet fish. If you’re single, you may start to look at people within your circle as potential mates or ask your crew to set you up with their single friends. Just make sure you’re not compromising platonic relationships that are important to you. If you are currently in a relationship, this is a good time to bring bae and your buddies closer, so plan some group activities like miniature golf in the evening or a fun filled beach day with games that will help everyone get to know one another better. 

Disclaimer: Astrology is not based in science. These posts are not intended to act as a directive.