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Aquarius and Pisces compatibility: What to know about the 2 star signs coming together

They will balance each other out, but will they understand each other?

Aquarius soars above and Pisces feels at home below the surface. Is it possible for this air sign and water sign to make a relationship work? Astrological compatibility is a complicated art.

Aquarius is an independent, innovative and intellectual sign. While community-oriented, Aquarius is different than emotional Pisces, who craves intense one-on-one connections. Pisces are intuitive and compassionate.

They may balance out each other — but will they ever be able to understand each other? Here's what to know.

All about Aquarius and Pisces: The basic


Dates: Jan. 20 to Feb. 18

Element: Air

Modality: Fixed

Planetary ruler: Uranus

Represented by: The waterbearer

Famous Aquarians: Oprah Winfrey, Harry Styles, Alicia Keys, The Weeknd, Tom Hiddleston, Shakira, Ed Sheeran, Christian Bale, Kerry Washington, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paris Hilton, Emma Roberts, Kelly Rowland, Michael B. Jordan, John Travolta, Elizabeth Olsen 


Dates: Feb. 18 to March 20

Element: Water

Modality: Mutable

Planetary rules: Neptune

Represented by: Intertwined fish

Famous Pisces: Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood, Kesha, Steve Jobs, Queen Latifah, Millie Bobby Brown, Emily Blunt, Kurt Cobain, Simone Biles, Erykah Badu, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Willis, Elizabeth Taylor 

Aquarius and Pisces personalities


Air signs tend to get lofty — and none more so than Aquarius. This sign is interested in learning, and even more interested in using those intellectual pursuits to better their lives and their communities. This makes Aquarians forward-minded and empathetic at the same time. They can get carried away with their projects and ideas, though, forgetting to tend to their connections. They feel they have a purpose to fulfill and tend to get caught up in that ideal.  


Pisces live with one foot in the real world and the other in imagination. And sometimes, they’d rather escape entirely into the worlds they create! Natural dreamers, Pisces are happiest when their creativity has an outlet. They trust their intuition when making decisions. Their feelings can be hurt easily, and it can sting when their delusions rub up against reality. Pisces can be also be careless at times, or easily influenced by their surroundings. It can be challenging for them to stand up for themselves, but if you need a shoulder to cry on, Pisces will be your best option for love and care. 

Overall Aquarius-Pisces compatibility

Out the gate Aquarius and Pisces are very different signs and will face challenges due to their differing natures. Aquarius needs independence and intellectual stimulation. Pisces gravitates towards thing that will move them emotionally.

Both have to be respectful of what the other one needs and avoid arguing over the "right" way to approach life. Aquarius can bring optimism and ideas while Pisces provides emotional support.


Aquarius has arrived to help Pisces get out of their own head. Hooray! An Aquarius-Pisces friendship is a combination of intellect and empathy. Now, Pisces might worry that the feelings are mismatched, and Aquarius doesn't want to be friends. More likely, Aquarius is detached and freedom-seeking, and will roost when he or she is available. Pisces will adapt and learn to love like an Aquarius.


Aquarius and Pisces will be fascinated by each other because of their differences, not in spite of them. Pisces will think Aquarius is fun, but will worry about them being able to get deep emotionally. Aquarius will be amused by Pisces' romantic notions and depths. They have to get past the fascination stage and see if there's a chemistry spark. If there is, then they will like showing off how in love they are. This relationship is rich and complex. Although they might get into arguments from time to time, they do enjoy one another’s company and will make the most of it.


This is a union marked by intellect and empathy. It will bring nuance and emotional depth. Aquarius is forward-thinking and optimistic, making sure Pisces doesn't wallow or become too melancholy. Pisces will temper Aquarius and help them process their emotions in a safe space. This can be an enriching relationship for both. Aquarius needs to be mindful about not telling Pisces how to feel, or the "rational" way to act.


A distinctive partnership is formed when Aquarius and Pisces are at the office together. Aquarius brings brash ideation; Pisces subtle perception. Even if it seems like Aquarius is taking the lead, they are consulting Pisces from behind-the-scenes. Trouble will arise if Aquarius goes rogue and makes Pisces feel left out.

Famous Aquarius and Pisces couples

Oprah Winfrey (Aquarius) and Stedman Graham (Pisces)

Justin Timberlake (Aquarius) and Jessica Biel (Pisces)

Taylor Lautner (Aquarius) and Taylor Dome (Pisces)