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Angel Number 888: Why seeing this number could mean abundance is on the way

Eight is your new lucky number.
Angel Numbers 888
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Have you been seeing the number eight everywhere? That could be a cosmic sign of encouragement.

If you’ve noticed repeating number sequences like 888 or even noticed a particular number popping up at a significant time, you’re in the presence of what numerology experts refer to as “angel numbers.”

These number patterns could hold a special message or meaning in your life, or they might be a sign from your angels that you're right where you need to be.

Here’s what to know about 888, specifically.

What are angel numbers?

Your spirit team, which is comprised of angels and loved ones who have passed from this earth, often sends messages through synchronicities, according to Megan Firester, known on social media as Mystic Michaela.

Similar to numerology, some angel numbers (sometimes noticed as 111, 222, 333), can provide a universal message, Firester tells Meanwhile, other repeating number patterns could be a specific message for an individual situation.

Psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson tells that through her readings, she's found that spirit teams can manipulate numbers to send a message, which is why they often choose this format.

She explains that angel numbers don't always have to send a specific message and can be simple encouragement.

"When we go through challenging times or difficult times, and I’ll get this when I read for people, you’re usually exactly where you’re meant to be," Jackson says.

To take it a step further, Jackson explains that you can actually communicate with your angel team during these difficult periods and ask them for guidance. You just have to ask your angels or loved ones who have passed to send you a specific number or number sequence to navigate a situation.

What does 888 mean?

Firester says seeing 888 can be summarized by one message: You're doing a good job.

“Abundance is coming your way, but you got to make room for it,” Firester says of spotting eights.

According to numerology expert Novalee Wilder, eights come with a “very powerful” energy that can wind up being a personal lesson for most people.

“Eight shows up and says, ‘It’s time to not hide. It’s time to be authentic. It’s time to say that thing that some people is gonna hate.’ They’re just gonna hate it, and they’re gonna hate it loudly. And you still have to be authentic. You still have to speak your mind. You still have to own whatever your choice is,” Wilder says.

She added that spotting a series of eights could also be a sign that you've been taking responsibility for other people's lives and mistakes, and now is the time to let others learn their lessons.

What should you do if you keep seeing 8's or 888?

TODAY’s resident astrologer Lisa Stardust says that repeated eights hold a magical, psychic energy to them.

Stardust explains that spotting eights pushes you to take a look at how your gifts can be transformed into a new contribution into this world.

Per Wilder, 888 invites you to look at your personal journey at this moment without placing judgement on anyone else's. Focus on living your most authentic life.