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Angel number 666: Why seeing this number is a signal to choose your heart

Forget what you think you know about this number.

Forget what you know about 666. If series of sixes, like 666, are popping up everywhere, you have no reason to fear: This sequence is associated with love and connection, according to numerology experts.

Repeating numerical sequences like these are commonly referred to as "angel numbers." Each set is associated with a different meaning. Though sometimes, just seeing a few repeating numbers is a nudge that you're being supported in your journey.

Here's what to know about 666, specifically.

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are any sequence of repeating digits. Some believe that these patterns are a message from a higher power or possibly a loved one who has passed.

Numbers like 111, 222, 333 and so on can be spotted everywhere, and don't necessarily have to occur in sets of threes. They may also take the form of recurring sequences of objects, like three black cats or five orange cars.

What does 666 signify?

Six energy is typically a sign to amplify love and beauty in your life, according to Wilder. The number series invites you to focus on deeper relationships, especially with family and loved ones.

For those who don't sense a lack of love around close connections, Wilder says the lesson could be to examine your relationship to yourself.

"How deep is your relationship to yourself? How much in contact are you with your heart? How much beauty are you surrounding yourself with? How much pleasure are you allowing yourself?" Wilder suggested you ask after seeing 666.

Six energy could also relate to protection, a sign you need an extra dose of support – or maybe a loved one does.

Could 666 specifically be a message from loved ones?

Any angel number could be a message from loved ones who have passed, and are likely now part of your "spiritual team" guiding you through life.

Wilder says that seeing six often — whether as a single digit or repeating — is specifically a message from someone transitioning from one state to another.

This could be a loved one who has just left you, or it could be about bringing new life into the world with a baby. The number series could also signify marriage or a new unity.

What should you do if you keep seeing sixes or 666?

First of all, if you keep seeing 666, you should focus on putting your heart first and chasing relationships, according to Wilder.

Because six energy is associated with beauty, the number also invites you to make space in your life for wonderful things to manifest. In order to do so, you might need to let go of the parts of your life and people who aren't serving you.

Wilder suggests that, to achieve a goal or desire, you should act as if it's already yours, otherwise known as the law of assumption.