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Angel number 555: Why this pattern could be a 'catalyst for change'

A series of fives showing up in your life could signal it's time to let go.

Have you been frequently encountering sequences of fives, like the number 555? You can interpret this as a sign to re-evaluate the beliefs that you're carrying around and unburden yourself from negativity. Think of it as a call to consider how you’re expressing yourself to the world.

Spiritual practitioners believe angel numbers like 555, or any series of repeating numbers, are messages directed at you from the universe or a higher power. These patterns could also be a sign from loved ones who have passed.

There may not be a specific message associated with angel numbers, especially if the common messages don't resonate. They can simply be a signal that you're on the right track.

For those seeing a series of fives lately, here's what that could mean.

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are repeating sequences of digits. These synchronicities can be found anywhere, like digital clock faces, receipts, license plates and billboards.

They aren't always just number patterns either, according to numerology expert Novalee Wilder. Sometimes, people spot recurring sequences like three black cats or five red trucks.

No matter how they're spotted, Wilder tells that angel numbers will likely come at the right time to shed light on a situation or provide guidance.

555 relates to communication and expression

According to Wilder, five "wants to connect." The number related to communication or creative expression. If you’re spotting fives, you’re likely adding to the stream of information, consciousness and value in the world.

For anyone gifted with creativity in any form, Wilder says that "it's a mistake" to hold onto a project meant to serve others. "It's meant to be shared."

So if you're busy creating something, a series of fives could be a push to release that work to the world, even if you're afraid.

555 is also an invitation to let go and accept changes happening for your benefit

TODAY's resident astrologer Lisa Stardust called a pattern of fives a "catalyst for change."

In some situations, this number series will be spotted amid imbalance and shifts, during which people might feel it's impossible to keep up with the changes.

However, the changes happening, however difficult, are working in your favor. You're likely a start to new beginnings and growth for your soul, according to Stardust.

What to do if you repeatedly see 555 or 5555

Should you spot 555 in any form, Stardust advises being open to changes or else things could "come crashing down around you." Put your trust in the universe or a higher power, and be more open and flexible.

"Five is more about, 'Oh, things are shifting? Things are changing? How can I keep up with those changes?" she says.

Similarly, Wilder encourages people to let go of doubts and put faith into the hands of a higher power, while releasing whatever communication into the universe.