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There are no planets in retrograde until April. Why astrologers are rejoicing

Think of it as two months of astrological smooth sailing.
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The next two months are, according to astrology, a time to unwind. Between Jan. 28 and April 1, 2024, not a single planet will be in retrograde. That is the equivalent of astrological smooth sailing.

The next two months are an ideal time to focus energy toward achieving goals and pretending that obstacles don't exist — because, according to astrology, they kind of don't!

Here's what to know about the span, which will end when Mercury retrograde begins again on April 1.

What does 'retrograde' mean in astrology?

Retrogrades occur when a planet appears to move backwards in its orbit. These are optical illusions caused by our viewpoint on Earth. However, they’re still thought to have impact on an astrological level.

Mercury retrograde, which happens three times a year, is thought to impede communication. Retrograde movement has a similar effect on other planetary bodies. The transit acts as a type of handicap, impeding the way they shine.

What does it mean for no planets to be in retrograde?

If you’ll recall, seven planets were in retrograde last June, creating an, uh, intense dynamic — one astrologers advised you hunkered down and survived.

This will be the opposite: A window to pursue dreams without worrying about pesky planetary interventions. Take advantage of the non-retrograde phase to revisit projects that may have been put on hold. Make changes in places where you once felt stalled, whether in the realm of career, personal growth or relationships.

This is also a time to have meaningful discussions with people about things you might not be over. Be gentle in your approach, and you are likely to be received with gentleness back. They’ll listen with open minds, hearts and ears.

That said, be wary of taking on too much since your heart feels so free and open. It's easy to overcommit to people or events and end up feeling overwhelmed. Before agreeing, think of your why. Are you agreeing to an event or engagement because it aligns with your personal growth, or because you're acting out of obligation?

Finally, take time to connect with the rhythm of the natural world. Take long walks. Meditate at sunrise or sunset. Feel a part of it all.

Remember, this will be a reprieve from astrological hiccups, though we can’t say all hiccups are out of the way. Until April, we’ll have to blame ourselves instead of the planets for miscommunications. 

The feeling won't last. This summer, five planets in the sky will be retrograde at the same time: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune. Make the most of the months ahead so you're prepared for the incoming retrogrades.