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2023 astrology: The most important dates to keep in mind this year

There are three Mercury retrogrades coming up.

Astrology functions on multiple levels.

There's personal astrology, which takes the form of your natal chart and how planetary progressions impact it as the years go on. There, there's collective astrology, or how celestial movements impact all of us, from the full moon to transits like Mercury retrograde.

Knowing when they are happening can help us plan for the best and worst. After all, astrology is all about timing and it’s a great tool to understand the rhythms of the universe.

These are the main planetary changes that are going to majorly affect our lives in the long run. 

Major planetary shifts  

March 7: Saturn enters Pisces 

Taskmaster Saturn enters whimsical Pisces on March 7, asking us to blend reality and fantasy together. The next two and a half years will take us back to the story that began 27 to 29.5 years ago and 27 to 29.5 years before that, offering us the chance to revisit matters from the past and augment our lives for the future. Are we living our best lives? How can we grow? 

March 23: Pluto enters Aquarius 

Evocative Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, leading to changes in diplomatic values, organized communities, and technology. Pluto  moves back into Capricorn on June 11 during its retrograde from May 1 to Oct. 11. Pluto will continue its stint into Aquarius from Nov. 19, 2024 to Jan. 19, 2044.

May 16: Jupiter moves into Taurus 

Lucky and expansive planet Jupiter moves into Taurus on May 16 where it will stay until May 25, 2024. Themes around money management, low risk investments, commitment, creativity, fertility, and pleasure will take the lead in our lives. Expect these areas to grow and evolve throughout the year. 

July 17: North Node of Destiny enters Aries and South Node of Destiny enters Libra 

From July 17 to Jan. 11, 2025, the lunar nodes — intersection points between the path of the moon and the path of the sun — enter new signs. The North Node of Destiny will be in Aries and South Node of Destiny is in Libra. During this time, we will be cosmically pushed to put ourselves first and build confidence. Learning how to give and take is another important lesson.

Seasonal changes 

March 20: Spring equinox 

Spring has arrived, along with the start of Aries season and the beginning of the astrological new year. Time to make plans about how we want to move towards empowering ourselves in the upcoming months.  

June 21: Summer solstice 

The shift into summer is going to bring a passionate change. The weather outside won’t be the only thing heating up. Our love lives are going to be ripe with desire, as we will be making important decisions around commitment. 

September 23: Fall equinox 

The fall is bringing intense energy to the forefront of our lives. We’ll want to break free of the constraints holding us back and start anew. Be open to whatever the universe brings and decide how you want to move forward.

December 21: Winter solstice 

The winter may bring confusion our way, as we are unsure about how to proceed in matters. There are several paths and options available. Take time to understand what you want before making moves.

Zodiac seasons

The sun moves into each zodiac sign on these dates.

  • Jan. 20: Aquarius
  • Feb. 18: Pisces
  • March 20: Aries
  • April 20: Taurus
  • May 21: Gemini
  • June 21: Cancer
  • July 22: Leo
  • August 23: Virgo
  • September 23: Libra
  • October 23: Scorpio
  • November 22: Sagittarius
  • December 22: Capricorn


The eclipses of 2023 asking us to find balance between what we give and receive. A middle ground on such matters will help us define what we want in relationships. In 2023, the dates of eclipses are:

  • April 20: Solar eclipse in Aries 
  • May 5: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • Oct. 14: Solar Eclipse in Libra
  • Oct. 28: Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Mercury Retrograde 

These retrogrades are asking us to re-evaluate our spending and finances, along with our confidence. These are the dates of Mercury retrograde in 2023:

  • April 21 to May 15 in Taurus 
  • Aug. 23 to Sept. 15 in Virgo
  • Dec. 13 to Jan. 1 in Capricorn to Sagittarius 

Venus Retrograde 

From July 22 to Sept. 3, the planet of love will be retrograde. This means we’ll be retracing our past partnerships to understand our current commitments. Exes may reappear, in the most dramatic way, wanting to make things right and get closure.