Z100's Elvis Duran subs for KLG, says Bieber a 'sweet guy'

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By Eun Kyung Kim

Syndicated radio host Elvis Duran sat in for Kathie Lee on Tuesday, but the heat made it difficult for him to reach Studio 1A.

“Getting here was a mess. It’s so hot. New York City is sweltering. Underboob sweat, can we talk about that?” he said to a grossed-out Hoda.

Luckily, guest hosting on Booze Day Tuesday means having your favorite cool beverage at the ready. But Duran immediately choked after taking a sip of his vodka and soda, so he quickly looked around for something he could wash the drink down with.

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“What is this?” he asked, picking up a wine goblet. “Is this a wine chaser? That’s crazy. I love NBC!”

Hoda asked Duran about all the celebrity interviews he and his crew conduct on their New York-based Z100 morning program. Duran said most of the celebrities he meets are down-to-earth individuals, a contrast to the way they are portrayed on tabloid covers.

“We put celebrities on such a high pedestal. We expect them to be aliens from another planet,” he said. “They’re really just like you and me. They really are.”

Duran called Justin Bieber a “sweet guy” with a huge heart – who just happens to get into trouble a lot.

But celebrities should expect to be caught when they’re doing something naughty, Duran said.

“The cameras don’t catch celebrities doing things that are nice. They catch you when you’re speeding in your car and when you’re running photographers over,” he said.

He also talked about the “phone tap” prank calls his show does every day.

Prank recipients must give permission before the show can air the exchange, and most people do. Hoda questioned why.

“People like to be a part of something big, like the 'phone tap,' the show. You invite people to come on the TODAY show. They want to be here,” he said. “They don’t care how embarrassed they get.

“Like me, for instance, right now, getting drunk on national TV.”