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By Eun Kyung Kim

It may be Try Day Friday, but there are some lines best left untried if going on a first date tonight.

Like how your last relationship was a complete disaster.

Or that you need to speed things up so you can go meet your second date, who is “a little bit hotter" than your current one.

Kathie Lee and Hoda provided some of the best lines to avoid while sampling parts of the Scooter Magruder video, “Top 100 Things Not To Say On A First Date.”

Ever hear any of the following?

“We can go back to my place once my parents are asleep."

“You look so much like my ex.”

“I just pictured you naked. Oops!"

“This was fun. Gotta go get back to my wife.”

"People always confuse prison with jail. I’ve only been to one.”

And the top thing not to say to a first date, according to Magruder: "I know where you live."

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