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By Eun Kyung Kim

Who is Hoda’s mystery man?

Well, we know he's either got small feet — or Hoda has big ones, based on the photo the Fourth Hour hosts shared with viewers on Monday.

“There’s Hoda’s new beau,” Kathie Lee said after flashing a picture of the lovebirds from their shins down, their hiking boots displayed in full view. “He’s the one on the right.”

Hoda called out KLG for her “rude” comment, but then owned up to the fact she and her man are “close” in shoe size.


KLG got to meet up with Hoda’s new "friend," who she referred to as “Shoes,” over the weekend when she invited the pair over for lunch to get to know him better.

“He’s a very, very nice man,” KLG said. More importantly, KLG’s husband, Frank Gifford, liked him, too.

Hoda said one of the highpoints of their lunch was when KLG loaned her guy one of Frank’s New York Giants jackets from the 1956 NFL championship game.

“That was cool. That was very cool. He just loved that," Hoda said. “He was bummed because I didn’t get a picture of him wearing it.”