Three sisters give birth to three boys in the same month

Talk about a baby boom.

Three sisters gave birth to three boys last month, with two of the infants born on the same morning, in the same hospital and delivered by the same doctor, NBC News affiliate KSL reported.

It’s been a July to remember for Kristal Turner, 25, Misti Stokes, 24, and Courtnee Hoffman, 21, of Layton, Utah.

The saga began with Turner, the mom of a 5-year-old boy, who had been trying to have another baby for more than two years when she found out her family was about to grow again. Turner thought she was the only one with happy news to share, but she was in for a surprise.

Stokes recalled the day the trio discovered they were all expecting.

“I found I was pregnant,” Stokes told the Deseret News, “and a couple weeks later my little sister said, 'Oh, do you still have a test I can use because I think I'm pregnant, too.’ So she took the test and then we called my older sister and said, ‘Oh, are you sad that we're pregnant and you’re not?’ and she said, ‘No, because I am, too.’”

Stokes gave birth on July 3. Things were quiet for a few weeks, but not for long.

Hoffman went into labor on July 26 and Turner was rushed to the hospital the next morning. The two sisters – getting ready for their new arrivals in rooms across the hall from each other -- kept in touch during the labor.

“We couldn’t go really into each other’s room very much, but we would send pictures back and forth and text and ask how each other is doing,” Hoffman told the Deseret News.

Their baby boys were born 65 minutes apart. All three cousins got to meet each other for the first time this week – likely the first of many play dates together.

“I really think that there’s a reason why all three are born together,” Turner told the newspaper. “They are going to have a great support system for each other.”