May darlings: TODAY's Babies of the Week


Here's three words that sum up the great advice we got from new parents, as part of our TODAY's Babies of the Week series: Listen. Love. Rejoice.

Tarrin and Levi Miller, the parents of Alayna Miller, born March 19, say: “Listen to your baby. Even though she can’t speak, she will let you know what she needs.” 

Judson Palmer O’Connor, born March 20, inspired these words of wisdom from parents Rizza and Daniel O'Connor: “The fastest love you will ever develop will be for your new baby.” 

Meanwhile, Edward and Ruth Dray, who welcomed Edward Franklin Dray on March 30, say the key to being a new parent is looking at the bright side: “Sleep when your baby sleeps, be happy, and you’ll find having a newborn is not as hard as you thought.” 

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