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KLG's nightmare: A mouthful of gum you can't spit out

by Scott Stump /  / Updated 
Hoda and Kathie Lee talked about their dreams.

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No, it’s not a sudden wine shortage that haunts Kathie Lee and Hoda’s nightmares. Instead, it’s being chased by an attacker or…a mouth full of gum?

“It’s not weird, it’s just unusual,’’ Kathie Lee said on TODAY Wednesday, during an epic discussion about bad dreams. “Just tons of gum in your mouth, and you just can’t get it out. You can’t stick your finger in there and get it.” has put out a list of the most common nightmares and what they mean, which had the ladies discussing what keeps them tossing and turning at night. Hoda said that according to experts, the dream involving all the gum means KLG is “experiencing some indecision, some powerless or frustration. Your current problem is overwhelming.”

“Than what’s my current problem?” KLG said. “Because it’s every night.”

One of the most common nightmares is imagining your teeth are falling out, which is connected to fears of rejection or of growing old, according to Dreammoods. Hoda’s nightmares involve a lot more running.

“The one that I have all the time and I hate, but I have it constantly, is I’m running away and someone’s chasing me,’’ Hoda said. “I can hardly move, slow motion, and then I try to scream because he’s grabbing me, and I can’t scream. I can’t say anything and I am terrified.”

The dream means Hoda is experiencing helplessness and frustration in some situation, or difficulty communicating. At least Hoda makes it out of her dream alive. Kathie Lee remembered having a nightmare about her own death when she was a young girl.

“They’ve always said you can never die in your dreams, but I vividly remember a dream when I was about 7 years old where I did die,’’ she said.

She was raking leaves with her family on a beautiful autumn day when she looked up to the sky to see Jesus sitting Indian-style and making a fire.

“(He) looks down and says my name very nicely, and I am out of there,’’ she said. “Gone. Dropped dead.”

KLG’s other primary nightmare is getting ready to go on stage and realizing she is completely unprepared, which correlates to being unprepared or nervous in waking life.

“It’s before you go in front of an audience, and I haven’t studied, is what it usually is, or I haven’t learned a script and I’m going to have to go out there and fake it,’’ she said.

Dying, being chased by an attacker, an endless wad of chewing gum, and performance anxiety are apparently all in a night’s sleep for KLG and Hoda.

“Boy, we’re a wreck,’’ KLG said. “How do we make it on time here in the morning?”

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