KLG, Hoda tease Peter Krause for dating onscreen sister

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By Eun Kyung Kim

Peter Krause expected to discuss Thursday’s season premier of “Parenthood” when he showed up to TODAY, but Kathie Lee and Hoda had their minds set on something else.

Like the twisted junction between his personal and professional lives.

“It’s interesting to see that you’re real-life girlfriend plays your sister,” Hoda noted, referring to actress Lauren Graham.

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“That is just sick,” KLG said. “Wowza, Krause-a.”

Krause, who has been dating Graham for about four years, said there's never any confusion off set.

“We keep the two things separate. We don’t call each other by our character’s names at home or anything,” he said. "Come on!"

But then Krause gave the ladies what they wanted, slipping into his "boyfriend" role.

“’I hope mom and dad don’t come in,’” he said mockingly, joking about how he tries "to keep things spicy at home."

“'Make sure the door is locked, sis,’” he continued, before shaking his head at the ladies, who couldn’t stop laughing at the scenario he implanted in their minds.

“I feel like I’ve fallen into an endless pit,” Krause said.