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By Eun Kyung Kim

It’s Try Day Friday, which gave Hoda and Kathie Lee an excuse to lock lips — but only as part of an exercise to tone up droopy facial muscles.

Game for trying anything that might turn back the aging process, the Fourth Hour hosts checked out a $61 Japanese gadget intended to tighten up the skin and muscles of the face.

“It’s either something to help your facial muscles and things, or it’s to prevent pregnancy. I’m not sure,” KLG said before slipping it on.

The “Face Slimmer” is supposed to fight wrinkles and give a lift to all the facial muscles that have slipped with age. Once the contraption is popped into the mouth, the user is supposed to repeatedly recite the vowels of the alphabet for three minutes.


The mouthpiece, which pulls back your lips to expose your teeth, made KLG a bit playful. She leaned in for a kiss, and Hoda eventually gave in, locking plastic lips.

KLG said wearing the mouthpiece made her feel thinner.

“Do these lips make my butt look fat?” she said, barely understandable.

Hoda couldn’t answer because she was taking a sip of her drink through her straw, a harder task without the use of her (real) lips.

After taking out the face slimmers, Hoda noted KLG looked better.

“Your face looks toned,” she said.

“Your jowls are gone,” KLG responded. “I haven’t had a workout like that for a long time, if you know what I’m saying.”