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Kathie Lee gives Hoda tips for remembering names

How do you remember the names of all the people you meet? No, seriously: how do you? Hoda's asking.

Even though she's got a memorable name, she says that party season is kind of a minefield when your mind is a sieve. KLG gave her some tips for assuring you never forget a moniker: repeat the name several times, pair it with something memorable about the person (like a tall woman named Sally would be "Long Tall Sally"), or ask someone with an unusual name about the origin so the story and the name stick in your head.

"I'm not great with remembering," Hoda admitted, and said that her method is the old cheat of finding someone who hasn't met the person who's name you've forgotten, and letting them "introduce" themselves in front of you. Crafty!

She blames her forgetfulness on the fact that she meets a lot of people, but said that KLG seems to remember all of them.

"One of us cares," sniffed KLG.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor whose name doesn't rhyme with much.

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