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KLG finally enters the modern age, with some help from Siri

Kathie Lee has entered the modern age: She finally ditched that Flintstone flip phone of hers and replaced it with an iPhone.


“I’m going to show you something that’s going to rock your world,” she told Hoda on Wednesday, before making the big reveal.

Kathie Lee even bragged about texting her daughter, Cassidy, earlier this morning with the help of Siri, the iPhone's automated assistant.

“I know how to do it!” she exclaimed. “I did it, I did it!”

KLG then tried to repeat the trick for Hoda.

“Text Cassidy,” she told Siri, and then waited. And waited.

Hoda reminded KLG she first had to “say something.”

NBC / Today

“Cass, I love you, and here’s Hodie,” KLG said, placing the phone in front of Hoda.

“Cass, I love you, too,” Hoda added, before instructing, “Send it, Siri.”

Siri complied (after what felt like forever), but the message she sent wasn't quite what KLG had in mind.

’Something is looking to help you with your something, Siri,’” Hoda read. “That is a ridiculous text.”

"Never mind, KLG said. “Anyway, I did it this morning. I’ll work on that.”