Is it okay to potty train your kid at a restaurant?

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By Julieanne Smolinski

A reader of the website Gothamist was at a restaurant in Manhattan when she noticed something a little off-putting: a child using a training potty at an outdoor restaurant.


KLG and Hoda discussed the story in Wednesday's chat, and wanted to know from you: is it okay to potty train your kid in public?

"Wouldn't you be a little grossed out?" asked KLG. "Children on a potty are adorable, but..."

"Not what happens after, which is the wiping portion," said Hoda, who pointed out that you could just take the potty to the bathroom and use it there. That seems like the reasonable solution, right? Or is it a case of, when you gotta go, you gotta go?

Let us know what you think.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor and firmly in camp Not Okay.