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Is it OK to pee in the shower?

On the fourth hour, it's never too early for a little potty talk. Or, OK, a lot of potty talk.

The ladies regressed just a bit this morning while discussing Ryan Lochte admitting to Ryan Seacrest  that he sometimes pees in the pool. Hoda brought up a study by Rodale News that said 1 in 5  people admitted that they've peed in a pool.

"Chlorine doesn't take care of ALL the germs," frowned Kathie Lee.

"Don't you pee in the shower?" asked Hoda.

KLG admits that she does, but only because she's concerned about it earth, and doing so saves a flush. Hoda conceded that point, but said that there's nothing worse than someone ELSE's pee — like in a public bathroom when people get sloppy and don't wipe the seat. Kathie Lee shuddered.

"This is the worst chat we've ever had," sighed Hoda.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor who prefers to swim in the ocean.

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