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The hottest bag for fall? Hint: It has a spout

Love football and wine, but don't want to ruin your jerseys sneaking a Ziploc of Merlot into the stadium? Today is your lucky day.

For the start of football season, Kathie Lee and Hoda showed off the genius Volere wine purse, a box of wine masquerading as a handbag. The "wine couture" bag is available in your choice of red, white, and rose, and features a strategically placed scarf to cover the spout. KLG modeled the hooch handbag in white, while Hoda poured a fresh glass from the rubber spigot on her red.

"This is going to be dangerous," warned Hoda. Well, just don't put your keys in it.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY.com contributor who likes any accessory with a spout.



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