Hoda shows off rap skills in song for Kathie Lee 

60 is a milestone birthday, so TODAY went all out last week to celebrate Kathie Lee as she marked her big day. KLG was treated to a few of her favorite things, like wine, tiaras, and shirtless men, but there was one treat she never could have expected — a very special birthday rap, courtesy of Hoda!

Since their birthdays are just a week apart, Hoda had a short window of time to come up with something even more outrageous than the song KLG sang for her ("I Wanna Hoda on your Kotb," for those who need a refresher).

Luckily, Hoda already had a favorite song — Flo Rida’s “Low.” (Fans of the Fourth Hour know Hoda is obsessed with both the song and Flo Rida himself, and that the two engaged in a mutual love fest earlier this year.)

Put all those ingredients together, and you end up with “Get Loaded,” Hoda’s song honoring KLG, and her love of a morning cocktail!

Hoda redid the tune with lyrics all about Kathie Lee, including “Frank is her guy, Cody and Cass are her fam/but everybody knows that Bambino [Kathie Lee’s beloved teacup maltipoo dog] is her man,” and “Glass full of wine/low-hanging boobs/she lets it all hang out on the tube.”

The song also featured good-natured teasing about Kathie Lee’s gardening, her part-time singing career, and her trademark blonde hair. There was also a sweet cameo from hubby Frank Gifford, who popped into the video to sing backup for a couple of seconds. (It was his birthday, as well.)

The birthday girl loved her video, cracking up with Hoda while she watched it.

“You have a future, Hoda!” she cried. "Oh my gosh, Hoda's awesome!"

We'll cross our fingers that this means we can hope for a duet from these two ladies down the road.