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Hoda reveals new watch phone...and her phone number!

On Thursday, it was Hoda (shockingly) and not Kathie Lee who slipped up over modern technology, and it came with a hefty price: her privacy.

Hoda used her cell phone to call herself on a new Samsung watch phone she was demonstrating. She turned her wrist to the camera just before the watch started to ring. When it did, like most phones, it displayed the phone number calling — Hoda's very own personal cell phone line.


Sure enough, within minutes, the calls started pouring in. Stranger after stranger began dialing Hoda, who answered the initial round of calls.

“That was from Bridgeport,” she said after the first caller hung up on her.

“Did it really show my number? Oh my God, it’s doing it again,” she said, looking at her cell phone. “Hello. Hello? Who is this?”

And the calls kept coming.

“Hoda, you have a lot of fans, and a couple of prisoners,” quipped Kathie Lee, who had incessantly warned Hoda against revealing her phone number after making a similar mistake earlier this year.


Back in April, KLG took a call on the air from her daughter — and then accidentally showed the world Cassidy's number when she turned her phone to the camera so Cass could say hello. Cassidy was quickly forced to change her number.

“Cassidy never forgave me,” KLG said.

That’s when Hoda realized she was having a Cassidy moment.

“Oh my god, it’s happening. Oh my god,” she said looking at her phone ringing off the hook. “I have 20 voicemails. 22. 23.”

KLG just shook her head. “I told you not to show the number and what did you do?”