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Hoda: Miley's wrong! Sex after 40 is the 'good kind'

Memo to Miley Cyrus: There are plenty of people over 40 still having sex in the world.

The Fourth Hour hosts, for whom that milestone age has long since passed, poked some fun on Tuesday at the 20-year-old’s naïve view on sex lives of the old — or at least, those older than her.

A day earlier, the controversial “Wrecking Ball” songstress told Matt Lauer she planned to continue her risqué performances as long as she could, probably until she turns 40, because “I heard that’s when people don’t have sex anymore." She also told Lauer, after she learned he was 55: “Well, then you’re really, definitely not sexual.”

Kathie Lee said she understands where Cyrus was coming from.

“When kids are 20 years old, they can’t even imagine their parents ever making love. It’s a big ‘ewwwwwww,’” she said. “The thing is, lots of people have sex as they get older, but they truly cannot remember it afterwards.”

KLG said sex lives probably do slow down as people get older, but mainly because individuals get so busy raising children and tending to their careers. That doesn’t mean they stop being amorous, she said.

A TODAY.com survey found that viewers also disagreed with Cyrus. Asked whether they thought people over 40 have less sex, 63 percent said "no."

Hoda pointed out it’s quality, not quantity, that matters when you get older.

“You can have a lot of sex, which is probably what people Miley’s age and such are doing, or you can have meaningful sex,” she said. “Like people who are mature have.”

It's a "good kind" of sex, she added.

“Not the twerking kind?" KLG asked.

“NOT the twerking kind,” Hoda confirmed.

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