Hoda learns the hard way not to remind KLG she's 60

Shots 2

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By Eun Kyung Kim

A day after agreeing to partake in a drinking game in honor of Kathie Lee’s milestone birthday, Hoda was off to a wobbly start.


KLG turns 60 later this week, but to prevent Hoda from saying that figure repeatedly, she got her Fourth Hour co-anchor to take a shot every time she mentions the number.

“I’ll do one every time I accidentally say that word,” Hoda said on Tuesday, showing off a line of shot glasses filled with clear liquid.

It wasn’t long before Hoda had her first slip. “And you are 60!” she squealed before realizing what she said.

As she raised a glass to her lips, she hesitated, prompting KLG to give her some instruction. “You know what a shot is? It’s all the way down,” said KLG. “Not that I’ve ever done one.”

So down the hatch it went. Hoda had barely wiped her mouth when she exclaimed: “Sixty’s good!” She covered her mouth in surprise before picking up another glass and taking another swig.

“Do you feel like you're back to Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma?” KLG asked afterward.

“I was in Tri Delt,” Hoda corrected.


But minutes later, after a commercial break, KLG explained why Hoda had such an easy time downing the drinks.

“Hoda likes to tell a falsehood on occasion, but guess what else? We’re now also discovering that she is a cheat,” KLG said, revealing that some of the shot glasses were filled with vodka, while others had water.

That's when Hoda reminded KLG of their appearance earlier in the year on the Ellen DeGeneres show, when she supposedly downed a glass of red wine. “Do you remember when you chugged that grape juice?”

KLG acquiesced: “That makes me a liar and a cheat, too.”