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By Eun Kyung Kim

For those of you too tired to even think about sex at the end of the day, consider a morning romp under the covers instead: The health benefits of morning sex may surprise you.

“They say it's good for your heart, so it’s like exercise,” Hoda said.

Starting the day with a “morning delight” can lift your mood and provide other benefits lasting for hours, she said.

“At night, you just fall asleep, and the endorphins go away,” Hoda said.

But KLG noted that very few people have time in the morning for breakfast, much less sex.

Hoda reasoned that morning sex is a lot easier on the body than getting amorous after a long, full dinner at night.

“Nobody wants to be rolling around after a meal,” she said. “They’re full and gassy.”

KLG begged to differ: “That’s why they eat their rigatoni. Energy, baby!”

But she also admitted there was no news peg to this topic.

“We just tried to get your attention talking about morning sex. That’s it,” KLG said. “There’s really nothing we intended to teach you and nothing for you to learn.”