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Hoda on her new book: Inspiration, hope from hardship

Hoda's book is out today, and to celebrate, she got to sit on the other side of the interview hot seat.

She and her co-author Jane Lorenzini joined KLG this morning to chat about "Ten Years Later," which is in stores today at long last. The book follows the stories of six people who dealt with adversity over the period of one decade, and how they were often changed for the better by their experiences.

"We've all faced adversity at some point in our lives, and we think we're so stuck in the weeds, we can't see a path out," Hoda said. "And I just liked the idea of someone who's fast-forwarded ten years and you get to see what happens at the end… You watch someone who was on their knees and rose up, and became a better person after."

"You get the hope without all the hardship," added Jane.

Jane and Hoda noted that everyone struggles in different ways, but sometimes the stories of other people can serve as a road map.

"You want to stay with the Twinkie and the wine, but you have to work your way out," said Jane.

They hoped that the book would inspire other people who are going through difficult times to see a light at the end of the tunnel, as many of the people they profiled demonstrated it's possible to thrive even under tragic circumstances. Hoda and Jane said the individual stories are so compelling they each could have filled their own book.

"Is this going to be a series of books?" KLG asked impishly, breaking into song. "Because everyone has a story."

"Are we singing that song again?" sighed Hoda.

Finally, because Hoda and Kathie Lee couldn't, Jane hoisted a glass of wine to toast the book's release.

"Can't wait for the third book," said KLG.

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor whose greatest trauma a decade ago was watching the "Matrix" sequels.

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