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Hangover hurting you? KLG and Hoda have a new remedy

Feeling the effects of a particularly rough night of drinking? Stop what you're doing and get a can of Sprite! 

"Sprite cures hangovers," KLG announced on Wednesday. "Not that Hoda and I ever had one."

Chinese researchers tested nearly 60 different beverages, and discovered that the super-sweet lemon-lime carbonated beverage is tops at combating nasty post-drinking hangover effects.

How does it work?

Well, "It's scientific and there are some words we can't pronounce," explained Hoda. Basically, "It helps your body process alcohol. Which led us to wonder, why on earth to wonder you don't use Sprite as a mixer. And then you already don't have a hangover as you're consuming the drink." 

"I'm so proud of her because she thought it through," said KLG.

We'll lift a glass to that!