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'Dogs Gone Wild': Hoda, viewers show off crazy pooches

Hoda’s cockapoo gets a little cuckoo every night.

Blake, the little pup Hoda adopted earlier this year, has an unusual evening ritual around 7 p.m.


“He runs like a crazy Tasmanian devil dog,” she said Wednesday after showing a video she captured of Blake going nuts running around her apartment living room – on the floor, on the couch – before suddenly settling down in a chair as if nothing happened.

Kathie Lee wondered whether it had to do with him being crated for much of the day. But Hoda insisted the dog gets plenty of exercise every day from his trainer and dog walkers. She also takes him to the park after she gets home.

Hoda said she spoke with another person in her building who has the same issue with her dog. She then encouraged viewers to share their “dogs gone wild” video on their Facebook page.

“Does that mean topless?” KLG joked, giving a little shimmy.

Viewers responded immediately. They posted videos of their dogs and their nutty, unexplained daily rituals, including a few who also shared Blake's 7 p.m. bewitching hour. Take a look:

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