Bobbie's Buzz: 4 ways to style your hair during the holidays

Just in time for year-end office parties, family gatherings and more, TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares some quick and easy ways to style your hair — without the help of a pro.

A faux bob secret
Sarah Potempa’s The Wrap Up is one of my go-to products when I’m looking for a fun, temporary transformation. Slip the end of your hair through the opening in the tool, roll it up to create the illusion of a short, faux bob, and secure in place by turning the edges inward ($12,

Twist for quick curls
Next, a DIY idea for loose, wavy locks. Simply section your hair, twist your tresses, and while holding your strands in place at the end, use a flat iron to apply heat moving slowly up and down the twisted piece. The heat will help seal soft waves into place, so allow for a 30 second cool-down before letting go of each twist. You could use duck bill hair clips to help keep hair in place while moving onto the next section. Just finish the look with a texturizing volumizer like Oribe's Dry and/or set with hair spray.

Tuck and roll tools
For those interested in an elegant updo, Conair’s French Twist Kit can help. Instructions will help you clip hair into an attached barrette on the cone-like form, then roll into shape, and secure with the supplied bobby pins for an instant, runway-inspired look. 

If your hair happens to be short or thin, you can also try using their pompadour comb for a boost of volume. Pull hair back and using the comb vertically, slide into place at the back center of your head, then roll and/or tuck hair around to cover the comb. Finish with pins and set with spray ($4.99,

Braiding BFF's
Last but not least, a solution for those of us who are braid-challenged. Both Vidal Sasson's Braiding Clip ($4.99, and the Magic Fishtail Hair Tool can help you create chic woven styles by guiding your hands and your hair to the exact right places ($8, A useful tip to know, youtube videos can be very handy when using these products!

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