Bobbie's Buzz: 4 new ways to enjoy summer drinks

Summer's almost here, and whether it's in the backyard, at the beach, or a friend's BBQ, it will soon be time to sit back, sip and relax. Our TODAY style editor and author Bobbie Thomas shares a few cool new refreshment ideas.

Instantly icy

Did you ever imagine you could quickly turn a warm soda can, beer or wine bottle into a cold one? Lucky for us, the two guys behind The Spin Chill did. In an ice-filled cooler or sink, the small suction gun uses convection to whirl and twirl your vino, cola or brew into a frosty treat in just seconds. The battery-operated device is portable and also works in water ($29.99,

Add some zest

Repeat after me: "No more licking someone else's fingerprints off of a bottle neck." Just think about it, unwashed bottles, manhandled lime/lemon wedges, need I say more? Here to quell my fellow germaphobes, are Brewskey caps that flavor your beer with sea salt and natural lime from the inside of the bottle. Simply pop the pod onto the top, give it a whack, and voila - you've got a perfectly 'dressed' beer ($6.99,

Fruity flavors

We all know it's smart to stay hydrated, but sometimes good 'ol water could use a little extra oomph. Zinger bottles allow you to infuse flavors from ingredients of your choosing right into your water, vodka, wine, tea or seltzer. With a convenient mesh barrier built into the bottom, you can add fruits, veggies, herbs and even spices to your drink without worrying about pulp, seeds etc. seeping in. Choose from designs made for specifically for citrus fruits, vodka, water and even kids ($12.99 and up,

Cocktail-inspired teas

Who doesn't love ice tea, especially when it's flavored, but now imagine it tastes like your favorite summer spirit. Zhena's Tropical Tea collection lets you have the best of both drinks. Their teas come in flavors like Mojito Mint, Coconut Rum, Berry Bellini and more. Whether you opt to sip it straight (or spike it), you'll get the grown-up taste with added health benefits and no hangover ($6.99,

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