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Andy Cohen tries and fails to make Hoda blush on 'WWHL'

Fourth Hour pal Andy Cohen is notorious for making his guests squirm on "Watch What Happens Live." But when Hoda visited his vaunted couch on Monday, she and Brandi Glanville from 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" played a game of Andy's own evil devising called "Hoda Lay He Who?" with the brass of an old sailor.

The game involved revealing which famous men Hoda would would "lay with," she explained to Meredith Vieira Tuesday morning. (MV is subbing in for Kathie Lee, who's off in Los Angeles.)

The ladies rolled a clip of Hoda on the previous night's "WWHL." Here's the breakdown: Hoda said she would lay with Gerard Butler, but not with Lance Armstrong, Russell Brand, or Newark Mayor Corey Booker.

Even though she did an admirable job of keeping it together on Andy's couch, it was Meredith that managed to make her blush on Tuesday.

"What's your criteria?" she asked. "Breathing?"

Julieanne Smolinski is a TODAY contributor who would lie with Andy in a purely platonic way.


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