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The 2013 hunky NYC firefighters calendar is out!

Alan Battman
Oh, hey Tommy! The 2013 NYC Firefighters calendar is here.
Alan Battman
Jomo's in front of the NY Public Library. Books have never been so sexy!
Alan Battman
This is a great photo of Muhammad and the Empire what's-it-called.

Every year, a group of New York City firefighters perform an extra brave act and strip down to their suspenders, for charity. Twelve very lucky (and verrrry muscular) firefighters take most of it off and are photographed for the NYC Firefighters Calendar. Proceeds from its sale (and the annual charity launch party at New York's Firehouse Tavern) go to benefit the Jacobi Medical Burn Center.

Thursday morning, the models paid a visit to Hoda and Willie Geist (sitting in for a vacationing KLG, who was probably watching somewhere and regretting her decision to take this particular week off). Hoda blushed and flipped through a few pictures of the heroic gentlemen in various states of partial uniform as they looked on.

Willie called out Stephen and Kevin, two of the firefighters, for doing pushups backstage. But, as they said, "it's not all about pretty faces and abs" — the models are in excellent shape because their day job may require using those biceps to cart you from a burning building. Also, according to the New York Daily News, some of them are single. Say thank you by buying the calendar here.

What do you think of the guys? Any of them lighting your fire? Share in the comments! 

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