'Throw kindness like confetti': See cute photos of TODAY viewers' kids being kind

/ Source: TODAY

An act of kindness can come anytime, anywhere, from anyone — including someone very young. In honor of the Season of Kindness, we asked TODAY viewers to share photos of their kids doing something kind, and many of the responses made us swoon.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. “My daughter wanted to have a birthday party for her imaginary 'sister.' My son has grown out of the imaginary friend stage, and usually tries to tell her they aren't real. But on this night, he was happy to play along with her... Even taking selfies with her 'sister.'” — Ashley Lucas

Ashley Lucas

2. “My daughter Taylor with Barney, who would have been 35 in January. They all had a photo shoot with him before he passed.” — Shanna de Potts

Shanna de Potts

3. “Their little brother tripped and fell and the two big brothers comforted him. They love their brother so much!” — Brandie Mai

Brandie Mai

4. “My 6-year-old son Gabriel, who happens to be nonverbal w/autism, is so happy to be donating socks to the Veterans hospital!” — Elisha Hannafey DeMaria

Elisha Hannafey DeMaria

5. “My 2-year-old Milah & her little friend showing love from Austin, Texas. This mural was painted last Saturday night. Their shirts read, 'Throw kindness like confetti.'" — Margie Vargas

Margie Vargas

6. "Our son decided to help the Scouts collect additional food for their food drive. He was very proud of how much he collected!" — Kristy Ann

Kristy Ann

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