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Sweet photo of police officer comforting lost boy goes viral

/ Source: TODAY

After getting separated from his family, a scared boy was comforted by police officer David Taylor during the Rice Festival in Crowley, Louisiana, earlier this month.

A vendor at the Oct. 17 festival found the boy, believed to be about 3, and brought him to the Crowley cop.

"I put him on my shoulders so he could see his mom and his mom could see him, but he was getting tired, so I moved him down to my chest and he fell asleep on my shoulder," Taylor told

A bystander captured the sweet moment and posted the photo to Twitter, where it went viral.

"There was over 2,000 people there that day, which can be scary for a little tyke like him," Taylor said. "It also makes losing people much easier."

Taylor ended up bringing the boy to the police station and put two chairs together so that he could continue sleeping.

When he returned about an hour later, the boy was sitting on the steps outside crying.

"I sat down next to him and we shared a brownie," Taylor said. "We really looked like two old men."

Around the time they were finishing the treat, the boy's family turned the corner. He ran into their arms.

"They were so worried about him and had been looking all day for him, so you can imagine how relieved they were to see him," said Taylor.