'Stunning!' Best friends get beautiful Ambush Makeovers on TODAY

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A trip to NYC for two best friends and their husbands turned into the vacation of a lifetime when they were both selected for Ambush Makeovers.

With the help of hairstylist to the star Louis Licari and TODAY contributor, fashionista and author Jill Martin stumbled upon the pair of best friends from Tennessee got fresh looks as they both celebrated their wedding anniversaries.

Sherri, 51, caught the attention of our Ambush Makeover team with a sign that read "I have Hoda hair."

Although she works in a doctor's office, Sherri was ready to relinquish her scrubs and let our Ambush Makeover team along with our glam squad of hairstylist Vanessa Collington and makeup artist Edin O'Sullivan work their magic as she celebrates her 31st wedding Anniversary.

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"Wow! Stunning! It's beautiful," said Sherri's husband Joe upon seeing her for the first time. Hoda hair no more!

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Next up was Sherri's best friend Dawn, 56, who works in as a nurse in an assisted living home and was also in New York celebrating her wedding anniversary. Dawn was ready to channel the beautiful bride she was 14 years ago (which was also when her and Sherri became best friends).

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"Oh my god!" said a very shocked Dawn. "That's not me. I didn't wake up like that."

Dawn's husband Mike as well as Sherri and Joe were equally as stunned upon seeing her glammed up look.


"I thought she was beautiful to start with, but this is just incredible," said Mike.

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Thanks to work of our Ambush Makeover team these two best friends are ready to take over the Big Apple in style!

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