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Only one thing can comfort this crying toddler... her baby sister

Two-year-old Ellia had a tough morning, but a brief cuddle with her baby sister made everything better.
/ Source: TODAY

Many of us are not morning people, very much like big sister Ellia.

When the grumpy toddler stumbles into her living room she looks to her newborn sister, Tessa, for comfort.

Esther Anderson, the girls' mother, filmed the video after what she said was a long night with baby Tessa.

“Did you wake up grumpy?” Esther asks a crying Ellia. She nods in reply with tears streaming down her face as she hugs her sister.

"Aww I love her, I love her so much," says little Ellia, whose sniffles and tears turn into a smile as she strokes her sister's face.

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The girls are so adorable the video has been viewed more than 43,000 times on the family's YouTube channel, Story of this Life.

It turns out that Ellia, 2, is a little obsessed with her baby sister, who was a few weeks old in the video but recently turned 5 months old.

“Ellia adjusted much easier than we expected,” Esther, who lives in Rochester, New York, told TODAY.

“She always wants to be right next to her (or on top of her), holding her hand or rubbing her head,” Esther laughs. “We're always having to tell her 'give your baby sister some SPACE!'"

Honestly… If we were Ellia, we’d be a little obsessed too!

This story was first published on September 30, 2016.