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/ Source: TODAY
By Rebekah Lowin

Some people are just born to dance. But... we have so many questions.

1. Why did this man film himself dancing to the sweet sounds of Justin Timberlake while cleaning up the garden of an outdoor bar?

2. Why weren't we invited?

3. Why haven't we haven't become internet-famous for our own "Can't Stop This Feeling" solo dance parties, huh!?

And last but not least:


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Seriously, if you're able to take your eyes off this man and his garden hose and his, er, very short shorts, you've got some serious superhuman powers.

The best part? This is Nathan Swift's job. He's the assistant manager of The James Figg pub in Thame, so all that dancing and hose-spraying is actually his way of cleaning.

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It's work, you guys! He's simply "getting the garden ready for this weekend's festivities" and having a good time while he's at it.

When he puts the hose away around 45 seconds into the clip, though ... well, we're not sure what to call the remainder of the video. We can't call it work anymore, but he's certainly stil workin' it.

This, dear people of the Internet, is a dude dancing in a garden, and we have nothing to say for ourselves except, "Sorry we're not sorry for dancing along!"