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Look inside the Operation Refugee Child backpacks

Diapers, food... and lovies. Backpacks stocked by American moms aim to restore some hope to children caught up in the refugee crisis.
/ Source: TODAY

A handful of American moms saw the images of refugee children fleeing terrible violence in Syria and other countries, and they decided they had to do something. Orange County stay-at-home mom Gader Ibrahim started a grassroots organization called Operation Refugee Child. The group of American moms ended up distributing 600 backpacks stocked with supplies to refugee families and children in Greece this February.

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Here's a sampling of the many items that were in those backpacks, from practical items like food and diapers to small toys meant to restore a little bit of joy to the refugee children's harsh lives. More than one million refugees entered Europe by sea last year, and one in four were children. The U.N. is warning that the refugee crisis, already the worst since World War II, is poised to get even more hazardous as borders close and warmer weather allows more desperate families to leave war-torn countries.

You can sponsor a backpack at the group's Indiegogo page or buy supplies that will go into a backpack at ORC's Amazon wishlist.

What's inside the Operation Refugee Child backpacks?

Here are a few of the items Operation Refugee Child distributed to refugee families in Greece. Click on the orange pulsing dot to learn more.

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