Little boy's compassion towards homeless man moves Hoda Kotb

/ Source: TODAY

A little boy's small act of kindness not only impacted a New York City homeless man, but also Hoda Kotb, who watched the whole thing happen.

It took place near Hoda's apartment a few days after Thanksgiving. A young boy walked down the street with a pie looking to give it to a homeless man who often frequents that area.

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"I heard him say to his mom 'I don't see him,'" Hoda told Kathie Lee on Thursday's show.

The boy kept looking until his mom spotted the man.

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"There he is! He's right over there," Hoda remembered the mom saying.

Hoda was touched when the kid walked up to the man and gave him the holiday treat.

"This is teaching young kids to be compassionate," Hoda said.

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Kathie Lee added: "The greatest self-esteem you can give is by helping others. You stand tall, you feel better, your heart sings."

We agree ladies!

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