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Hug your grandparents: 13 photos that show just how special they are

We asked viewers to share their favorite moments of kindness between grandparents and their grandchildren. Here are some of our favorites.
/ Source: TODAY

We asked TODAY Parents fans to share their favorite moments of kindness between grandparents and their grandchildren in honor of TODAY's Season of Kindness. There were so many beautiful, touching photos, and we've selected 13 that really made our hearts melt.

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1. “This picture of my mom and my 2 daughters was taken in December 2013. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2013. She finished her treatments in October 2013 and she and my dad surprised us with a visit from mid-November to mid-December 2013 (they live in Wyoming, we live in Michigan). This picture is so precious to me.” - Neisha Gabrysiak

Neisha Gabrysiak / Facebook

2. “My Grandmother passed away 2 years ago but this photo was taken almost 3 months before when we celebrated her 91st birthday. Here she is with two of my triplets — her namesake was just out of the photo. This photo means so much to me and really shows the bond she and my girls had."- Jessica Weisenberger

Jessica Weisenberger / Facebook

3. “This is a picture of my daughter and my grandparents (her great-grandparents) from this summer. She just adores them. And she especially loves to dance when my Grandpa sings and plays his accordion."- Brandi Schaefer Berta

Brandi Berta Schaefer / Facebook

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4.“My son and his great-grandma always had a special bond when she was alive. He loved her hugs and special cuddles."- Kathleen Facchini

Kathleen Facchini / Facebook

5. “My grandmother with her great grandchildren. She started teaching in a one room schoolhouse and spent decades teaching and reading to other children. So lucky my children have had the chance to hear her beautiful stories."- Nicole Davenport Samuels

Nicole Davenport Samuels / Facebook

6. “It was 2 years ago today we lost my mother. This is my favorite picture of my grandson Conner sharing cake with his great-grandmother.”- Sandy Goodrid Davis

Sandi Goodrid Davis / Facebook

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7. “My daughter with my grandmother, for whom she is named because my grandmother has been so influential in helping my mom raise me and teach me the truly important parts of life.”- Dawn Estes Steed

Dawn Estees Steed / Facebook

8. “My Mom passed away in July of this year. She was dying from early onset Alzheimer's disease. My son wasn't aware of her illness and treated her like any loving grandma. He loved her very much and still asks for her.”- Ben Innis

Ben Innis / Facebook

9. “My 91-year-old grandmother came to live with my parents when her health started to deteriorate about 8 months ago. My 7-year-old son instantly loved her! He wanted to spend as much time with her as he could. This picture is the two of them playing dominos together. The tray they were putting the dominos on kept getting bumped, knocking over the dominos. The two of them laughed and laughed every time the dominos fell. My grandmother passed away two week ago and I'm so grateful for the time my children go to spend with her.”- Jacki Kennan

Jacki Kennan / Facebook

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10. “One of the worst times of our lives. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at just 22 months old. She loved her comforting cuddles with grandma. Thankfully, she is cancer free and a very happy and healthy 5 year old.”- Meghan Crary Wilson

Meghan Crary Wilson / Facebook

11. “My son and daughter had a wonderful relationship with their great-grandmother or in Korean, jeungjo halmeoni. Although she did not speak English, and they do not speak Korean, they could communicate through love. She was always there for them in life, and they were there for her as she was dying. Unfortunately, she passed 2 years ago at the age of 94. We cherish these photos of them together.”- Robyn Kamps Kim

Robyn Kamps Kim / Facebook

12. “My daughter and her grandpa. They share a special bond!”- Leslie Burgess Jackson

Leslie Burgess Jackson / Facebook

13. "My father was hospitalized and dying. He insisted on buying my daughter her prom gown, so before she went to prom, she got dressed, bought him a corsage and visited him. They shared this moment just about a month before he died.”- Beth Kamphaus Knotts

Beth Kamphaus Knotts / Facebook

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