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Man finds long-lost brother — who attends the same school (with the same major!)

A Georgia man who was adopted when he was just 3 months old has been reunited with his long-lost brother — who lives just 15 minutes away, attends the same university and has the same major, too.

Kieron Graham, 20, was able to track down his brother after his adoptive mother gave him an DNA kit as an early Christmas present a few weeks ago. The online genealogy company sent him an email just last week saying it was likely he was related to a Vincent Ghant, 29.

Graham knew he had a brother named Vincent, but didn’t know his last name until he got the DNA results. From there, he found Ghant on Facebook and messaged him.

Courtesy of Kieron Graham.
Kieron Graham, left, met Vincent Ghant, center, after getting results from a DNA kit. Graham also discovered he has another brother, Christian Ghant, right.

“We looked alike," Graham told TODAY. "He just looked like a darker version of me. I knew that it was definitely him."

Soon after, the two men met at a local tea shop and realized they both attend Kennesaw State University, and are both majoring in political science.

“It was amazing,” Graham recounted. “We just stared at each other and we both were crying … I knew my mom was in a tough position: She was a single mom and was working 12 to 15 hours a day as a nurse.”

Ghant told TODAY that he remembers giving his younger brother bottles and changing his diapers when he was just a baby.

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“It was very surreal how much we looked alike … We were laughing and giggling and hugged. I was elated and excited,” said Ghant.

So far, the two brothers have hung out nearly half a dozen times. Graham has also been reunited with his birth mother and has learned he has a 17-year-old brother, Christian, whom he has also met.

Graham’s adopted family and his biological family will spend Christmas together for the first time this year.

“We have to catch up on a lot of missed times,” said Ghant.