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Denzel Washington pays visit to his childhood librarian on her 99th birthday

The Oscar-winner caught up with a fan who has known him since he was a little kid in Mount Vernon, New York.
/ Source: TODAY

Long before Denzel Washington was a big name in Hollywood, he was a little guy in Mount Vernon, New York, and he recently caught up with a fan who has known him since way back then.

In fact, Miss Connie is more than a fan. The 99-year-old was Washington's librarian when he was just a child.

"She ALWAYS tells the story of how she gave Denzel Washington his first library card and how she remembers him for his unique name," read a caption that accompanied a recent pic of the pair on Imgur.

As for how the two of them ended up sitting side-by-side for a photo all these years later, it's a reunion that's been in the making for a month.

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The Atlanta nursing home where Miss Connie now resides set up a phone call with the star for her birthday in November.

"You were the cutest kid," she said to Washington during that call. "I loved you, and I've thought of you as my special library boy for 50 years."

She told him she was so touched that "a busy man like you would take the time to call," but he made sure she knew that he was also touched.

"You don't know how much you helped me," he replied.

During their chat, she said that if he ever came her way, she'd love a visit — so Washington vowed to see her in December.

Denzel Washington’s storied life includes historic honors, much-praised performances, and dedication to his family and faith.

Miss Connie was clearly moved by his offer and added, "That'll be my Christmas present!"

Well, as the photo proves, Christmas came early for her.

And according to the Imgur user who shared the scene, it came early for Washington, too, as Miss Connie gave him three hand-knit scarves she made just for him.

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