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91-year-old woman responds to Trump's remarks with sweet gift for Muslim doctor

When a 91-year-old woman in Idaho heard what Donald Trump was saying about Muslims, she felt the urge to cheer up her Pakistani doctor.
/ Source: TODAY

When a 91-year-old woman in Idaho heard what Donald Trump was saying about Muslims, she was shocked — and immediately decided to do something to cheer up her Pakistani doctor.

"Grandma Louise," as she's known to family and around the Idaho Kidney Institute in Idaho Falls, where she is a patient of Dr. Fahim Rahim's, a nephrologist, surprised the doctor with a sweet gift last Friday.

"To my biggest surprise, I walk in, and she has these beautiful, little stuffed crocheted animals for me," Dr. Rahim, a first-generation Muslim American, told

Earlier that day, Dr. Rahim had been on a local radio show discussing Trump's continued anti-Muslim rhetoric. The billionaire and Republican presidential candidate had said he would implement a database to track Muslims in the U.S. upon election. The doctor didn't know at the time, but his patient was listening to the show.

"All she did was say, 'I feel your pain, I relate to you,'" said Dr. Rahim, who was born in Pakistan and lived in New York before moving to Idaho 11 years ago. "Her granddaughter was in the room and she took our picture. It really connected with me that this is the true American spirit."

"The most amazing part is that she had no idea who Trump is!" he added. "She's 91 years old and all she got from listening to the radio was, 'This guy Trump is attacking my doctor.'"

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Dr. Rahim decided to post the photo on Facebook the following Monday, after Trump proposed that the U.S. should ban Muslims from entering the country.

"I wanted to share it because it brought so much comfort to me," he said. "I knew so many of my friends and family members were hurt by these issues, so I just wanted to share that belief in humanity is not gone. That this white, 91-year-old woman can still connect to me on such a simple way. I've been telling her she's now one of the most beloved grandmothers in the country."

Grandma Louise's daughter-in-law, Karly, who declined to disclose the family's last name, said that they're overwhelmed with the attention the viral photo has since gotten.

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"We are just really proud of her," Karly told "She's always treated everyone the same. She's a great example of love and acceptance."

And she said her mother-in-law is making the most of her newfound fame: She's launched a Facebook page to sell her crocheted stuffed animals: Grandma Louise's Pets & Crafts.

Dr. Rahim added that Trump has an "open invitation" to visit him and Grandma Louise in Idaho.