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10-year-old boy gives back to Muslim community after visiting local mosque

Two families from different backgrounds came together to prove that generosity is really what the holiday season is all about.
/ Source: TODAY

Giving has always been part of the Organ family culture, but this holiday season, they got to see the direct impact their generosity had on another family.

In their church's newsletter, Christine and Matthew Organ came across an event being thrown at Masjid al Huda, a mosque near their home in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

The Organ family on a hike together Courtesy of Christine Organ

Without really knowing what to expect, they brought their two sons — Jackson, 10, and Teddy, 6 — along with them on November 19.

"We've never had an event like this before, but a lot of people have been forming their own opinions about our faith in the past year, so we wanted to open our doors to show what it is we actually do," Saima Faiz, a congregant of the mosque, told TODAY.

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Four hundred people attended the mosque's event to learn more about Muslim culture.Courtesy of Saima Faiz

Over 400 people came curious and left inspired after learning more about Islamic culture and beliefs.

On the way home from the event, Jackson had a lot of questions about what he had just experienced. It wasn't until it was time to put his Christmas wish list together that Christine Organ really saw the impact it had on him.

Jackson getting Arabic calligraphy at the mosque's eventCourtesy of Christine Organ

He handed his mom the final list on December 2nd and right there, sandwiched between tickets to a basketball game and a Hot Wheels AI System, were the words, "donations to the mosque we went to."

"I was so happy to see that he took something away from attending the mosque," Organ told TODAY. "He was very persistent about wanting to help them."

Organ reached out to the mosque to find out how to go about making a donation and included a photo of his wish list in the email. Saima wrote back thanking her and copied her husband, Salman Faiz, who is on the board.

Instead of responding to the email with directions, Salman called Organ up and said he'd like to thank Jackson in person.

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"It was humbling to see that he was affected by our hospitality," Salman said. "It really made me reflect on how, through all of the hateful noise that surrounds Muslims and other minorities these days, there are good people out there raising kids that are goodhearted."

About an hour later, Saima, Salman and their three young daughters showed up at the Organ's front door to express their gratitude.

Faiz family pays the Organs a visit after Jackson's act of kindness.
Faiz family pays the Organs a visit after Jackson's act of kindness.Saima Faiz

Organ didn't even have a chance to write a check before Salman announced that he had something for Jackson. He went out to his car and came back with a Hot Wheels AI System.

"I was floored and so was Jackson," Organ said. "Since I always make him include a donation on his wish list, he didn't think what he did was anything too special."

The Organs make an effort to be charitable all year long, not just during the holiday season. Jackson has made many trips with his mom to drop food off at a local shelter and even gave up presents for his 5th birthday and instead asked everyone attending his party to make a donation.

Jackson and Teddy playing with their new Christmas gift.Courtesy of Christine Organ

"His sincere intention in wanting to give without expecting anything in return was why I felt so compelled to fulfill one of his wishes," Salman said. "We should always try our best to reciprocate such good actions."

Before the families parted ways, both mothers had a moment on the front porch where they hugged and cried into each other's arms.

"Our daughters know the value of receiving a gift on a special holiday and so they were amazed someone used their special holiday gift to help us," Saima said. "It was a blessing to have them see that generosity."

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