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Lohan leaves Regis in last-minute lurch

Plus: Did Kidman's sis say too much? And K-Fed begs for his Ferrari
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Partying star Lindsay Lohan upset the folks at “Live with Regis & Kelly” by pulling out of the show at the last minute yesterday, says an insider.

Lohan had attended the glitzy “King Kong” premiere in Manhattan Monday night and was also spotted enjoying herself at an after-party, but her handlers called the popular chat show the next morning, saying Lohan wouldn’t show up as scheduled because she had “food poisoning.”

The cancellation came after the show had started, too late to book another suitable guest and the show producers were “most unhappy” with Lohan, says a source. “Canceling that late is very bad form,” says an insider from another show, who was unsympathetic to the “food poisoning” explanation. “Right,” sniffs the source. “Even if that’s true, when you’re booked on a morning talk show, you are very careful about what you eat and drink the night before.”

“I can confirm only that she was booked on the show and she did cancel,” a spokeswoman for the show told The Scoop. “For anything other than that you’ll have to go through her publicist.” Lohan’s rep, however didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Was Kidman's sis kidding?It looks like Nicole Kidman’s sister might have accidentally confirmed reports that the star is engaged — sort of.

A reporter from the Sydney Daily Telegraph in Kidman’s homeland Australia congratulated the star’s kid sister, Antonia, and on Nicole’s “big news,” saying it must be very exciting for the Kidman family. “Yes, yeah,” a “radiant” Antonia replied, before frantically backtracking, saying “I mean, ah, I guess, ah, no, I don’t know.”

When asked about the rumors that Nicole is pregnant, Antonia was evasive, saying, “My parents just got back [from seeing Nicole] last night, they had a great time but I haven’t had a chance to see them and get all the news yet.”

And, when pressed on the reports that Kidman and Urban are planning to marry on New Year’s eve on Wakaya Island, she replied, “That’s news to me.”Notes from all over
Christina Applegate
and Johnathon Schaech, her hubby of four years, are splitting — citing irreconcilable differences — but according to one report, the “Sweet Charity” actress had outside interests. “She was cheating on him while she was in New York doing ‘Sweet Charity’ [on Broadway],” a source told US Weekly. “He found out and was furious, and wants out of the marriage.” The mag says that “Applegate wasn’t being discreet” and reports that the star was spotted making out with a man at a karaoke bar in November. ...

Now that Naomi Watts has officially achieved stardom, she wants to slow down and become a mother. “I've got friends who are full-time mums and just seeing how great their children are because they are devoting their lives to being a good mum, I really commend that,” the “King Kong” actress told The Australian. “I think [acting] will be something that always interests me, but certainly not as much. I certainly feel like I'm on the wind down. When I say that I don't mean I'm giving up. I mean one movie a year or every couple of years. There are a lot of other things I'd like to do.”  ...

Kevin Federline is said to be distraught about his marital woes — and about losing his wheels. Wife Britney Spears reportedly took back the $200,000 Ferrari she had given him. Federline begged his famous, wealthy wife to forgive him for his partying ways and take him back, according to the London Sun, which reports that when she declined, he asked, “Can I at least have my car back?”

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