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Facelift bungee, shouting vase: New products that make you go 'hmmm'

TODAY's style editor Bobbie Thomas shares her latest roundup of "outside the box" items.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

While I love sharing the buzz about the latest in fashion and beauty, every so often, I come across an item that is so interesting or inventive that it deserves it's own category. Affectionately referred to around my office as "Hmmm"-worthy, these are the things that give you pause, the links you forward to friends or post to Facebook, the stuff you just have to share.

One of my recent favorites was sent in from Kimberly Aschauer from Royal Palm Beach, Florida, a mom and TODAY viewer who sent samples of her product, FaceLift Bungee for us to try. Naturally this found its way into our makeup room fodder at Studio 1A, and Kathie Lee was the brave one willing to test it out. Claiming to be an instant way to erase years of frowning and pouting, the Facelift Bungee is a small piece of cable attached to a hair clip that you slip into your hairline and pull taut for an immediately perkier disposition ($19.95; ). You’ll have to decide for yourself if it works, but be careful to not pull too tight- you may end up with a headache.

And while this may sound like a strange game, the "Body Conductive Musical Instrument" by Ningen Gakki had me laughing out loud when I first saw the . Just gather a group around the device, with each person gripping one corner. Then slap hands, give playful punches and tap one another to generate incredible musical beats via circuit connections ($39.99; ).

Considering all that technology can do these days, it seems like there's a gadget or app to solve every problem. The the Japanese "Shouting Vase," however, aims to prove that sometimes the best answer is the simplest one. The vase, from Japan Trend Shop is a sound-proof ceramic canister that you can scream bloody murder into without your co-workers or friends hearing so much as a peep. Perfect for anyone with anger management issues, a frustrating job or a spouse ($99.95; ).

When it comes to creative thinking, NYC based artist, Justin Gignac, is literally turning one man's trash is another man's treasure. He has found success boxing up real debris from Manhattan's streets. Think it sounds silly? Think again. His creations sell for $50 a pop — to $100 for trash collected from special events like the World Series and the Presidential Inauguration. Visit his website for more info; I'm sure you'll find yourself mesmerized at how the objects take on new meaning once they're off the the street ().

Last but not least, the holiday season may have come to an end, but that doesn't mean the party is over! Nightowls out there may be happy to hear about the "Tipsee Wine Bottle Task Light," a small LED bulb that can be attached to the neck of a bottle, ensuring the perfect pour in all lighting conditions ($15.95; ). And for those looking to be a little more discrete with their indiscretions, Bender Bound "book covers" appear to be copies of notable reads like 'Wealth of Nations' and 'The Joy of Cooking,' but the inside reveals secretly stashed glass flask.  Gift at your own risk ($99.95 & up; ).