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Matt Lauer: Behind the scenes with Prince

The 'Today' host answers questions about the reclusive Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

If you watched "Today" on Monday you saw Matt's with mysterious pop star Prince. Matt spent some time with him on the verge of his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the start of his latest "Musicology" tour. had some questions for Matt about his take on the artist now known again as Prince.

What's your favorite Prince song?
Purple Rain

Where were you when you heard a Prince song for the first time?I was working in Richmond, VA at a local television station.

What's he like in person?Prince is incredibly smart and very low key.  He's not at all the flamboyant performer we're all used to seeing on stage!

Did he play a song for you?No, but he has performed on the "Today" show in the past.

We noticed you were playing pool in the segment, is Prince a good pool player?Yes, and he tells me it's a favorite hobby of his and he has a pool table at his home.  However he told me that he's a five-times-better ping pong player.

What question did you wish you asked him but didn't?Would you play at my 50th Birthday party?

How do you prepare for an interview like this?I pop a Prince CD in the stereo and read articles that have been written on him in the past.